3-10 Day Juice Cleanse

(available with 4 hours notice)

Available anytime! Flush the toxins out of your body with three days (or more!) of fresh squeezed daily organic juice, master cleanse lemonade and raw nut milk!


$60 per day: includes two quarts of fresh squeezed juice, 16 oz. of master cleanse lemonade and 16 oz. of raw cashew nut milk picked up daily

5 or 10 Day 2020 Clean Eating Cleanse Dates: 

(5 day $300*/10 day $550)

Please check back soon for new Fall/Winter 2020 cleanse dates!

Our most popular 10 day cleanse is now being offered as a 5 day Quickie cleanse for those with limited time or for those who simply would like to give their bodies a break of processed food, sugar, and caffeine.  Both are available!  


Feeling  tired, lethargic, and wake up feeling sluggish?  We are what we eat!  Let us help you cleanse your body and help get you off the highly processed diet that is so common in this day and age....This is an eating cleanse that uses vegan alkaline based food.  You will drink fresh organic juice and a Master Cleanse Lemonade every day for your morning meal.  You'll eat a nutrient dense and hearty lunch, complete with and a dessert, and then give your digestive system a break in the evening hours with a dinner of a quart of soup.  Meals include recipes using organic ingredients such as quinoa, millet, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, pepitas, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, olive, coconut & flax seed oil, spices, honey, cacao, coconut & much more.  The 10 day version offers a gentle liver detox drink for 3 days, and 3 of the days you'll consume only green food.   


This is a very do-able cleanse which teaches you to use whole vegan foods in delicious recipes and to move out of food habits that are no longer serving you.  


*See the Cleanse Menu tab for a representation of a typical cleanse.


*Each day of your cleanse you will pick up your day's cleanse meals at Simply Sublime.  Pick up daily any time after 7:30 AM (but before we close at 5PM).


*Each round is capped off at 20-25 participants, and we have many repeat cleansers (it's THAT good) so register early!


*If you have special dietary requirements/restrictions, or food allergies, please discuss these with us at the time of registration.  We will try our best to accommodate you.


*There is a refundable $25 deposit required upon registration for mason jars.


**We are not medical practitioners and do not consult, diagnose, or treat medical ailments.  Please seek the advise of your medical professional should you have any specific concerns.

Typical Clean Eating Cleanse Menu 

**menu is based on organic market during the days of cleanse. 


Day 1

24 oz of freshly squeezed organic kale, parsley, ginger, apple, lemon, ginger

One quart of Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch- Spaghetti Squash "Spaghetti" with Walnut Pesto

Dinner- Gingered Vegetable Soup

Sweets- Coconut Date Bliss Balls


Day 2 

24 oz of freshly squeezed organic pineapple, dandelion greens, mint

One quart of Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch- Raw Falafel over Quinoa with Tahini Dressing

Dinner- Coconut Squash Soup

Sweets- Almond Stuffed Dates


Day 3

24 oz of freshly squeezed rainbow chard, beets, apple, jalapeno

One quart Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch- Chopped Greens & Herb Salad with Guacamole and Pear Citrus Vinaigrette

Dinner- Ginger Carrot Bisque

Sweets- Banana Chia Pudding


Day 4

24 oz freshly squeezed organic spinach, parsley, cilantro, kiwi, apple

One quart Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch-Sushi Salad with Quinoa & Avocado "sticky rice", Sublime seaweed salad, shredded carrot

Dinner- 4 Mushroom and Dill Soup

Sweets- Vanilla Mousse


Day 5

24 oz freshly squeezed organic beet, pear, celery, lemon, apple

One quart of Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch- Raw Seed Flatbread with Beet Hummus and Chopped Salad

Dinner- Vegetable Miso Soup

Sweets- Apple Salad with Celery and Raisins


Day 6

Liver Flush Drink

One quart Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch- Kale Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing

Dinner- Trinity Root Soup

Sweets- Avocado Pudding


Day 7

Liver Flush Drink

One quart Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch- Warm Green "Burrito" with lettuce wraps

Dinner- Live Energy Soup

Sweets- Apple Sauce


Day 8

One quart Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch- Raw Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad

Dinner- Green Soup with nori, garlic, ginger

Sweets- Baked Pears


Day 9

24 oz of freshly squeezed organic carrot, cucumber, ginger, apple

One quart Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch- Vegetable Terrine with Creamy Basil & Spinach Pesto

Dinner- Roasted Garlic Celery Soup

Sweets- Raw Cashew Milk


Day 10

24 oz of freshly squeezed organic watermelon, cucumber, apple, basil

One quart of Master Cleanse Lemonade

Lunch-  Zucchini Alfredo with Marinated Mushrooms and Cashew Sauce

Dinner- Butternut Apple Bisque

Sweets- Raw Cashew Cookies

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